Hands On Brazing School


    Modern Furnace Brazing School

    Learn the vital aspects of Modern Furnace Brazing during a three-day seminar offering knowledge and practical application by the industry’s recognized leaders. Key topics include:

    • Brazing Design
    • Metallurgical Aspects
    • Brazing Operation
    • Brazing Atmosphere and Furnace Equipment
    • Brazing Material and Applications
    • Quality Control

    Unlike other classroom-only seminars, this course is offered at Wall Colmonoy’s brazing facilities. There, you will have the unique opportunity to view the actual brazing application process.

    Wall Colmonoy’s Brazing Experts, with a combined 48 years of experience providing practical solutions to brazing challenges, have the technical know-how to guide you through the brazing process from beginning to end production.

    Courses are offered two times a year during our May/June and October Sessions.


    USA Brazing School

    NEXT COURSE IS November 8-10, 2016. Download Registration Form
    Wall Colmonoy’s Brazing Engineering Center
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Jim Nicoll
    T. 248-585-6400 x 233
    E. brazingschool@wallcolmonoy.com


    European Brazing School

    NEXT COURSE IS 25-27 (New Date) October 2016. Download Registration Form
    Note: Due to increased demand we have changed the date of the EU Brazing School.
    Wall Colmonoy’s European Headquarters
    Pontardawe, Wales, UK
    Alise Jeremiah
    T. +44 (0) 1792 860622
    E. brazingschool@wallcolmonoy.co.uk