All Wall Colmonoy operating locations, including Franklin Bronze Precision Components, remain open as we support “essential business” for critical industries.
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Explore our history from 1938 through today


    Wall Colmonoy takes pride in its heritage and its people – having a long history of pioneering and innovation.

    Established in 1938, Wall Colmonoy developed the first nickel-based alloy, Colmonoy®, that provided superior protection from wear and corrosion, when applied to metal components. In 1950, Wall Colmonoy’s expert brazing engineer, Bob Peaslee, invented a new brazing technology and named the new filler metal, Nicrobraz® – which still remains the leading brazing filler metal used in aerospace, automotive and energy industries.

    Explore the Wall Colmonoy Heritage by launching our Interactive timeline.

    WallColmonoy Historical Timeline