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    Colmonoy® News – Properties of Colmonoy® 88 Fused Thermal Spray Coatings

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    Over the past 21 years, Colmonoy® 88 has become one of Wall Colmonoy’s most widely used alloys. It is now our most versatile product, availaARTICLE 1ble in more forms than any other single product.

    Colmonoy 88 is an alloy coating material developed by Wall Colmonoy and protected under US Patent 5,141,571. This alloy was developed to provide extended service life at elevated temperatures to parts exposed to abrasion, erosion, corrosion, fretting and galling.

    Forms Available

    • Bare rod (Gas and GTAW)
    • Metal Cored Mig Wire (0.045”and0.062”)
    • Plasma Transferred Arc Powder (88PTA)
    • Laser Clad Powder (88L)
    • High Velocity Oxy/Fuel Powder (88HV and 88DJ)
    • Spray-n-Fuse Powder (88 and 88M)
    • Ingot

    Recently we have heard from a couple of sources that statements are being made refuting the need for a high level of Tungsten in this product. There are very specific reasons why the Tungsten, Chromium and Carbon composition ranges were set. Read about it here.

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