What is it?

Hard-surfacing is the application of a layer of nickel or cobalt wear-resistant alloy to a part for the purpose of extending the machine’s service life. Nickel or cobalt wear-resistant alloys are applied to reduce wear, abrasion, impact, erosion, or galling. This can be performed on worn parts to replace metal lost through wear and on new parts when wear is anticipated – mostly to prevent metal-to-metal wear. Hardsurfacing alloys can be deposited by welding and thermal spray processes. Without the use of special alloys, like Colmonoy® and Wallex®, parts can have a very short lifespan.

What is the benefit?

Each year, millions of metal machinery parts are protected and restored with COLMONOY® nickel-based and WALLEX® cobalt-based Hard-Surfacing Alloys. Downhole drill bits, clamp plates, gate valves, pump plungers and pump parts for Oil & Gas, neck rings, guide rings, plates, plungers, bottle moulds for Glass Container manufacture, screw conveyors and flights for Rubber & Plastics, industrial gas turbines for Power Generation, boiler tubes and panels for waste-to-energy and biomass plants, concast rolls in Steel Mills, valves for automotive and marine – and many, many more.

Parts protected with Wall Colmonoy’s nickel or cobalt hard-surfacing alloys – COLMONOY® and WALLEX® – last significantly longer than unprotected parts.

This means:

  • Fewer replacement parts needed
  • Less labor required to install them
  • Minimizes down-time

Galling, Abrasion, Corrosion, and Erosion

Types of wear

Components face a range of wear issues when in service which can affect both its service life and operational efficiency. Some common types of wear include:

Galling / Adhesive wear: This type of wear occurs whenever metal surfaces are in contact, sliding against each other, especially with poor lubrication. 

Abrasive wear: This type of wear occurs when hard particles or fluids containing solids are present. The hard particles cause erosion or scratching on the surface of the parts.

Corrosive wear: This type of wear occurs when the liquid is chemically aggressive and cause corrosion on the surface of the parts. 

Erosive wear: The type of wear in which material degradation takes place due to the impact of external particles either solids or liquids on the surface of the material.

Application methods

COLMONOY® and WALLEX® alloys are applied in a wide range of proven hard-surfacing and thermal spraying techniques, including Laser Cladding, PTA, HVOF, Sprayweld™ and Fuseweld™.

In fabricating new parts, inexpensive base metals may be used because our COLMONOY® and WALLEX® nickel and cobalt hardfacing coatings withstand wear. To suit different application methods, our nickel and cobalt hard-surfacing alloys are available as powder, rods, wires and castings in a full range of sizes and specifications.

For consultation on how COLMONOY® and WALLEX® alloys can extend or restore the service life of your metal parts: