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    Additive Manufacturing Metal Powders:

    Innovative, Dynamic, Flexible Additive Manufacturing Solutions

    Building on an 80-plus year history, material science sits at the heart of Wall Colmonoy. Wall Colmonoy applies the innovation and learned knowledge to design and produce Additive Manufacturing metal powders and components for industries including Biomedical applications, such as Medical and Dental Implants (Partial Denture) and Prosthetics, Food, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Motorsport and Aerospace (Heat Exchangers). We can rapidly manufacture tooling for investment cast parts or build tooling in available powders.

    Wall Colmonoy has developed the ability to produce parts from the first layer up, leveraging our know-how in powder manufacture.

    We have over 80 years of materials development experience to draw upon in our Additive Manufacture Research, Design and Technology Department. Working in collaboration with our customers, Wall Colmonoy offers AM powder design and development through its state-of-the-art laboratory, evaluating part performance and quality, including mechanical and microstructural, through to corrosion resistance and dimensional accuracy.

    Director of Technology at Wall Colmonoy Limited (UK), Chris Weirman states, “Additive Manufacturing provides significant benefits in part design freedom, prototype and part throughput, and more. However, one needs to consider powder material selection and application to ensure parts are optimised for performance and affordability, especially important for industries where costs are the main driver for volume adoption.”


    Cobalt-Chromium Additive Manufacturing Powders for High Wear and Corrosive Applications

    Wall Colmonoy engineers and manufactures cobalt chromium powders – ASTM F75 CoCrMo, CoCrW, and CoCrMoW. Wallex® Cobalt-Chromium AM Powders are nickel-free non-magnetic Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing cobalt chromium based super alloys designed for use in powder bed additive manufacturing processes such as Selective Laser Melting (SLM), Powder-Bed Fusion (LBPF), Electron Beam Melting (EBM), Direct Energy Deposition (DED) and Binder Jetting (BJ).

    Wallex® Cobalt-Chromium AM Powders have excellent mechanical properties, high wear and corrosion resistance, proven biocompatibility and a very high specific strength. Wallex® ASTM F75 CoCrMo AM is ideal for Biomedical applications, such as Medical and Dental Implants – Partial Denture and Prosthetics due to its excellent biocompatibility, strength and wear resistance. Wallex® CoCrW AM and Wallex® CoCrMoW AM have maximum flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of ceramics, thanks to their optimal coefficient of linear thermal expansion.

    Wallex® CoCr AM additive manufacturing metal powders are:

    1. Gas atomised (unless specifically requested otherwise)
    2. Highly spherical (unless specifically requested otherwise)
    3. Free flowing
    4. Very low oxide
    5. High particle density
    6. Expert designed PSD
    7. Supported by 80+ Years of Powder Manufacturing Heritage

    Powders are tailor made for each application and rigorously tested in ISO9001 laboratory. Wallex® CoCr AM Powders are also manufactured from certified raw materials, ethically sourced, and produced at industrial scale using a dedicated Additive Manufacturing powder processing cell utilizing renewable energy.

    To learn more, email us at or download our tech data sheet below.

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    Part Design Freedom
    AM gives designers and engineers the freedom to imagine parts that would not be possible with any other manufacturing method. From complex internal features, cellular structures or tricky overhangs and undercuts, Additive Manufacturing offers a whole new range of possibilities.

    Rapid Prototyping
    Customers can cut production time from many months to a matter of weeks or days, with the freedom to make changes right up to the moment a part is printed. Teams can collaborate throughout the entire development stage as designs are tested, modified and improved.

    Part Throughput
    Parts can be printed rapidly, with a batch being complete within one working day or shift.

    Additive Manufacturing provides unmatched consistency and quality. The automated binder jet process produces perfect components each time.

    Simplified Manufacture
    Products that were traditionally made of several components can now be made from one as fasteners and welding are no longer needed. The need for multiple techniques such as roll forming, stamping and turning now are eliminated as the part can now be printed in one device.

    Negative thermal effects created by traditional welding and brazing can be eliminated. Tooling and expensive tooling modifications are no longer needed.

    By redesigning components for AM and removing material that is non-essential, AM components can be considerably lighter than a part made by other methods.


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