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    Aerobraze Engineered Technologies

    A Complete Solution

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    Aerobraze Engineered Technologies is a division of Wall Colmonoy that manufactures engineered components and provides technological solutions for aerospace, defense, energy and transportation industries.

    Our global team maintains extensive engineering expertise while meeting aerospace quality standards among three locations with specific processing capabilities: Cincinnati, Oklahoma City, Pontardawe, Wales, UK.

    Developing Efficient Products and Solutions That Last

    Working in partnership with our customers, we know how important it is to cost-effectively develop solutions and products that last.

    Aerobraze has expertise in:

    • Vacuum Brazing and Heat Treatment
    • Vacuum Aluminum Brazing
    • Belt Brazing, Torch Brazing
    • Hydrogen Cleaning
    • Advanced Metallurgical Coatings
    • Assembly & Fabrication
    • Welding / Joining – Rod and TIG Welding, Resistance Spot and Seam Welding, Precision Welding
    • CNC Precision Machining
    • Design, engineer, and manufacture of complex assemblies:
    • Reverse Engineering of Aircraft Exhausts & Heat Exchangers
    • Processes: Assembly, Machining, Welding, Brazing, Heat Treating, Coatings

    Certifications & Approvals

    Quality Assurance Certifications