Brazing Rods

    Nicrobraz® Nickel Brazing Rods

    Wall Colmonoy provides sintered nickel brazing rods for torch brazing. Sintered rods are square and are somewhat porous. They are generally preferred for application with oxy-acetylene torches. Rods have proven successful in many different applications within a vast number of industries. Brazing rods are available in:

    Alloys Diameters Length Manufactured In
    Nicrobraz® LM

    Nicrobraz® 125

    Nicrobraz® 130

    Nicrobraz® 160

    0.8 mm (1/32″) 30.5 cm (12″) USA and UK
    1.2 mm (0.045″) 45.7 cm (18″) USA and UK
    1.6 mm (1/16″) 45.7 cm (18″) USA and UK
    3.2 mm (1/8″) 45.7 cm (18″) USA and UK


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