Investing in the Future

    Brazing Alloys: Research & Development

    Advancing Technologies and Innovations

    Wall Colmonoy is the pioneer and leading expert on the development and application of brazing alloys.

    At Wall Colmonoy we know how important it is to our customers to develop cost-efficient products that last.

    Developing new products and technologies in partnership with customers, universities, and local government is the driving force for innovation.

    This results in new high-tech quality products that create advancements in a variety of industries.


    Wall Colmonoy’s research and development team at our new Product Development Engineering Center develop customized brazing products optimized for specific applications.

    R&D – Product Development
    At the center, we develop new Nicrobraz® Alloys, Binders, and Pastes for Dispensing, Roller Coating, Screen Printing, and other brazing application methods. We perform materials characterization including brazing filler metals, thermal spray powders and failure analysis.

    Brazing Filler Metal – Many customers have applications which require specific brazing alloys in order to achieve required joining properties. Wall Colmonoy’s expert technical team is able to customize alloys for your specific application.

    Brazing Paste Composition – Depending on the geometry and requirements of the parts being brazed, a customized binder may improve performance of the process or the final braze joint. Wall Colmonoy’s research and development team at our New Product Development Engineering Center develop customized paste solutions, optimized for specific applications.

    Advanced Testing Capabilities
    The Center features a modern laboratory and testing facility.  The laboratory contains advanced analytical equipment, utilizing Thermal Analysis, Microtrac, and ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) Emission Spectrometers which can detect selenium and other critical materials down to parts per million level.

    Thermal Analyzer            S3500 MICROTRAC

    ICP Spectrometer            Full Metallographic Capabilities