Increase Asset Lifetime in Cement Plants with ColWear


    Vacuum powder fused and coated with Colmonoy® NiCrBSi or Wallex® CoCrNiW powder matrix, with or without Tungsten Carbide (WC), ColWear lasts significantly longer than unprotected parts in aggressive Cement & other material processing plant service environments – reducing costs, maintenance, and downtime. As a world leading manufacturer of hard-surfacing alloys, Wall Colmonoy coatings have been extending the service life of industrial parts for over 80 years.


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    Wear-Resistant Wear Plates

    Wall Colmonoy’s range of ColWear vacuum fused wear plates offer a unique solution to the most aggressive wear problems within high-temperature corrosive, abrasive, erosive environments. ColWear plates offer superior wear resistance and lifetime well beyond the industry standard. ColWear is a great choice for products with difficult maintenance cycles because it eliminates so much waste and failure. Customers experience less downtime and far lower maintenance costs. In tough environments, ColWear offers long-term resource and cost savings. ColWear Plates outlast conventional wear plates to provide:

    • Increased asset lifetime
    • Reduced cost of ownership through repair not replacement
    • Reduced energy costs

    Range of ColWear Plates for Cement Industry:

    • ColWear 62, 62-1, 62-2
    • ColWear 69, 69-1, 69-2
    • ColWear Fe

    Cement Applications

    Colmonoy® & Wallex® superalloys are not limited to the applications shown below and will improve applications subject to:

    • Erosion
    • Aqueous & Hot Gas Corrosion
    • Abrasion
    • Hot metal attack
    • Thermo mechanical fatigue

    Raw Material Processing

    • Excavator Shovels/Buckets, Loader Shovels/Buckets, Cyclone Liners, Disc Liners, Crusher Body Liners, Crusher Bars, Chutes/Hoppers, Hammers, Separator Discs, Separator Screens, Separator Diaphragms, Elevator Bucket Lips, Drag Chain Liners, Vibrating Pan Liners, Square to Round Transitions, Feed Pipes

    ColWear 62-1 chute wear tile

    Material Processing

    • Mill Body Liners, Classifier Blades, Separator Blades, Feed Chutes/Pipes, Screw Conveyors, Cyclone Liners, Table Liners, Paddles/Scrapers, Discharge Tubes, Vibratory Table

    ColWear Fe air classifier blade for material processing


    • Isolation Valve, Boiler Tubes, Cooling Tubes, ID Fan Impeller Liners, ID Fan Casing Liners, Feed/Discharge Chutes, Cooler Sealing Strips, Journal Skirts, Cooling Pan Liners, Troughs

    ColWear 69-1 industrial fan impeller liners and full wear package (including Colmonoy® coated bolts)


    • Storage Silo Liners, Screw Conveyors, Ball Mill Liners, Elevator Bucket Lips, Hopper Liners, Feed Liners, Pipeline Liners, Dust Collector Liners, Elbow/Bend Liners, Target Plates

    ColWear 62-1 mill liner for material sizing

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