Industrial Fans

    Extending the Service Life of Industrial Fans with ColWear Plates


    Wall Colmonoy’s range of ColWear Plates offer a unique solution to the most aggressive wear problems in wet or dry, hot or cold and corrosive environments for the Industrial Fan Industry.


    • Provide a dense, tough surface resistant to abrasion, erosion and impact
    • Extend equipment service life
    • Reduce downtime, increase uptime

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    Due to the lightweight, uniform nature of ColWear Plates, Industrial Fans using ColWear Plates will benefit from a balanced, wear resistant solution for highly aggressive, high temperature and corrosive applications. The high hot hardness and corrosion resistance from the Colmonoy® coating and stainless-steel base plate offer significant improvements versus other wear plate solutions, such as Chrome Carbide and Steel wear plates.

    Typically, ColWear Plates are fabricated into Industrial Fan Casings and Impellers which are installed into the Waste-to-Energy and other corrosive gas industries.

    ColWear Plates can be applied onto high grade nickel super alloys to offer increased procession opportunities at high temperature.

    ColWear Plates can be rolled into tube (with the high-performance coating on the internal diameter), formed and precision cut to complex geometries, making it ideal for Industrial Fan applications.


    Abrasion Resistance

    ColWear Plates offer significantly improved abrasion resistance versus common industrial alternatives of wear plate, where ColWear Plates exhibit lowest ASTM G-65 Practice A mass loss.

    Erosion Resistance

    ColWear Plates protects against high pressure erosion to extend in-service life of customer components:

    Standard Spray & Fused coatings are typically produced with a slurry jet erosion mass loss of 16mg where ColWear offers equivalent performance.

    Slurry jet erosion testing of ColWear samples tested at 90-degree impingement

    Retained Hot Hardness

    ColWear Plates retain hot hardness of the matrix alloy for extended performance when elevated temperatures are experienced in service.

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