ColWear Plates for Steel Manufacture


    Wall Colmonoy’s range of ColWear Plates offer a unique solution for Steel Industry applications where aggressive wear is prominent, including applications subject to erosion, aqueous and hot gas corrosion, abrasion, hot metal attack, and thermomechanical fatigue.

    ColWear Plates are smooth, crack free, lightweight, have minimal dilution, and provide hardness down to the fusion line. ColWear Plates’ lightweight, thin construction from a weldable mild steel or stainless-steel backing plate enables ease of handling, forming and fabrication, and can be used in a wide range of industries and applications.

    ColWear Plates outlast conventional wear plates, providing:

    • Increased asset lifetime
    • Reduced cost of ownership through repair not replacement
    • Reduced energy costs

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    Steel Applications

    Raw Material Processing

    • Bucket Grabs, Ore Reclamation Buckets, Transfer Car Liners, High Temperature Pipeline Liners, Junction Box Chute Liners, Storage Bunker Liners, Sinter/Coke Screens, Wind Boxes, Vibratory Feeder Liners, Flop Gates, Mixer Liners, Cyclones, Industrial Fan Impeller Liners, Industrial Fan Casing Liners, Conveyor Skirts, Screw Conveyors, Coated Tuyeres & Plate Coolers, Injection Lances

    Steel Making & Casting

    • Coated Process & Support Rolls, Coated BOF/EAF Lance Tips, ConCast Guides, Coated Mould Walls, ConCast Scale Chutes

    Hot & Cold Rolling

    • Coated Process & Support Rolls, Forming Rolls, Chock Liners, Reheat Furnace Buttons, Skid Post Coatings, Guide Plates, Impact Plates, Skid Rails

    Strip Processing

    • Coated Process & Support Rolls, Mill Liners, Guide Plates, Trimming Blades, Shear Blades

    Strip Coating

    • Burr Masher Rolls, Galvanising Pot Sleeves & Bushes, Doctor Blades, Scraper Blades, Trimming Blades

    Wear-Resistant Wear Plates

    Due to the outstanding metallurgical and physical properties, ColWear Plates effectively combats combinations of wear issues, enhancing performance even in the toughest of applications.

    ColWear Plates significantly increase the lifetime of processes that currently utilise:

    • Hardox 400
    • Hardox 500
    • CDP 4666
    • Hardlite
    • Chrome Carbide
    • Ceramic Tiles
    • Ni-Hard Tiles


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