Oil & Gas Industry

    As Cast or Fully Machined Components for Oil & Gas Industry

    Wall Colmonoy’s precisely engineered as cast or fully machined components are used throughout the Oil & Gas Industry to extend the useful life of the industry’s equipment, gears, and machinery from harmful corrosion and wear.

    • Increase Service Life
    • Reduce Down Time
    • Lower Operational Expense, Maintenance & Repair

    Wall Colmonoy’s Oil & Gas components are made from wear, heat and corrosion resistant Colmonoy® or Wallex®, or customer-specific alloys with a variety of hardness levels to offer resistance against all forms of industrial wear including Impact, Corrosion, Abrasion, Fretting, Galling and Friction.

    Our technical team has amassed a wealth of skill, knowledge and know-how turning designers’ and engineers’ rigorous requirements into economically viable solutions. Our expert engineers select the optimum alloy and process to suit specific needs.

    Machining facilities include EDM, wire cutting, CNC grinding, honing, milling, lapping and turning.

    Components are either as cast or fully machined from air or vacuum melted castings made by Investment, Centrifugal, Sand Cast, Vacuum Cast or Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) Processes.


    Investment – offers design flexibility, close dimensional control, consistency & repeatability, cost savings.

    Centrifugal or Spin – is used to produce high integrity densely structured, cylindrical components like bushes and sleeves.

    Sand – is typically used to produce larger components in smaller batches. It is capable of making mostly complex shapes using relatively inexpensive wood or resin patterns.

    Vacuum Casting – is used for alloys where tight compositional control and low inclusion counts are required – difficult to achieve when using conventional air melting and casting.

    Hot Isostatic Pressing – forms pore free bars or tubes with a fine grain homogeneous structure that enhances the physical properties of the cast alloy.

    Components for Oil & Gas Industry are produced using Colmonoy® and Wallex® alloys including:

    • Ball Valves
    • Gate Valves
    • Butterfly Valves
    • Choke Valves
    • Clamp Plates and Pads
    • Steering Pads
    • Plugs and Flow Control Cages
    • Rotors and Stators
    • Stem Guides
    • Valve Seats, Blocks
    • Wear Bushes, Wear Cages

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