Wallex® Co-Cr Discs

    Wallex® Cobalt Chromium Discs are available in same main chemistries: CoCrMo, CoCrW, CoCrMoW, ensuring a compatible option for most ceramics. Chemical composition can be customized to individual requirements.

    All discs are investment cast in our 19,000sq-ft UK facility. Drawing on 50 years of casting expertise, our newest range of cast discs have an exceptionally fine microstructure, which greatly enhances machinability and extends tool life.

    Wallex® Cobalt Chromium Disc

    • Standard Disc dimensions are dia 98.5 x 8 / 10 / 12 /13.5 / 14 up to 25, though dimensions can be further customized
    • Special care is taken to avoid any contamination of with Beryllium, Cadmium or Gallium
    • Nickel content of less than 0.1%

    Wall Colmonoy has also developed a powder / binder composite that can be used to produce “Soft-Block” technology, a much softer form of disc, that is pre-sintered before it is then machined and then sintered again at full temperature. Download Investment Cast Disc Tech Data Sheet here.

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