Historical Timeline


It all started with two metallurgists…

Two metallurgists invent Colmonoy® – a specially formulated superior performing nickel-based alloy. This alloy contains a unique constituent manufactured exclusively by Wall Colmonoy and present only in Colmonoy® crushed alloys: chromium-boride.

The chromium-boride crystals have hardness levels near to diamonds. Shown here, the crystals divert the scratch path of a tungsten-carbide  tip that is overlaid with Colmonoy® 6.


A.F. Wall establishes WCC, USA

A.F. Wall purchases the Colmonoy patent and established Wall Colmonoy Corporation in Detroit, Michigan.


Colmonoy alloys used in WWII

During World War II, Colmonoy alloys prove to extend the life-span of arrestor hooks, tank grousers, tread and drive sprockets.

Colmonoy 6 allows worn drive sprockets to last by three to four times longer than new parts. It also has unique property which allows it to be die formed during  its plastic state; thus eliminating the need for grinding or anchoring, to produce the sprocket-tooth form. All factors reduce time and costs.


Spraywelder™ is developed

Spraywelder™, an alloy powder spraying unit, is developed.

Here, W.P. Clark, past Chairman and CEO, demonstrates “Betsy”, a prototype which leads to the development of Spraywelder™ System.


Robert Peaslee pioneers Nicrobraz®

In this innovative process, stainless steel components are joined to serve under high heat-and-corrosive conditions.


Development of Fusewelder™ Torch

Fusewelder™ Torch is developed allowing for spray repair and surfacing of small, detailed work


NicroSpray™ System

The NicroSpray™ System is designed and manufactured to apply powdered filler metals – like Nicrobraz® – that require a liquid binder for adherence to a workpeice – evenly and smoothly.

The NicroSpray™ System is unique in that dry and wet feed separately and combine only when they leave the nozzle and flow rates are individually controlled.


European Headquarters Moves to Wales

Demand for additional factory space in the UK, Group Chairman, W.P. Clark Sr., moves Wall Colmonoy’s European HQ from Brackley, UK (c.1952) to Pontardawe, Wales. The new location is an area known for supporting metallurgical and engineering activities and close by a major metal supplier.


Brazing School established

Modern Furnace Brazing School is established. The classes are led and taught by Bob Peaslee, founder and developer of nickel-based brazing.


Manufacture of Nicrocraft™ begins

Begin to manufacture Nicrocraft™ – new and overhauled aircraft exhaust system used in Cessna, Piper, and Beechcraft aircrafts and other piston driven engines.


Precision Components

UK begins manufacturing investment casting to meet demand for small intricate components.


Model J Spraywelder™ System is introduced

Model J Spraywelder™ System is introduced as one of the most advanced evolutions for this product – lighter weight, compact and easily repaired.


Acquires Group LeGuellec

Acquires Group LeGuellec (France) for thermal spraying and finished machine parts for nuclear, aerospace, oil & gas, and process industries.


Colmonoy 200-series and 88

Colmonoy 200-series is developed for the repair and protection of glass container moulds.

Colmonoy 88, a superior performing nickel-based alloy, is developed for glass and oil & gas industries.


Expansion and Movement

New Mexico team moves to a new $5mill facility and UK expands its facility.


Brazing Footprints is published

Brazing Footprints is published celebrating Bob Peaslee’s accomplishments in the field of high-temperature atmospheric brazing.


Product development

Nicobraz® 31 and Colmonoy® 80 PTA are developed for specific use within the aerospace and agriculture, mining industries – respectively


UK expansion

UK expands to over 70,000 square feet increasing powder production capacity by 25%