Hard, Smooth, Lightweight

    ColWear Wear Plates


    Wall Colmonoy’s range of ColWear vacuum fused wear plates offer a unique solution to the most aggressive wear problems within high-temperature corrosive, abrasive, erosive environments.  ColWear Plates extend service life of components within Oil & Gas, Cement, Steel, Waste to Energy, Mining, Agriculture and many other industries.

    ColWear Plates are smooth, crack free, lightweight, have minimal dilution, and provide hardness down to the fusion line. ColWear Plates’ lightweight, thin construction from a weldable mild steel or stainless-steel backing plate enables ease of handling, forming and fabrication, and can be used in a wide range of industries and applications.

    ColWear wear plates protected with Colmonoy® (nickel) or Wallex® (cobalt) hardfacing alloys – last significantly longer than unprotected parts in aggressive service environments – reducing costs, maintenance and downtime.  As a world leading manufacturer of hard-surfacing alloys, Wall Colmonoy coatings have been extending the service life of industrial parts for over 80 years.


    • Protects against high-temperature corrosion, abrasion, and erosion
    • Extends service life
    • Reduces costs – maintenance and downtime

    ColWear Plates provide a dense, tough surface which is resistant to high-temperature corrosion, abrasion, erosion and impact with excellent ASTM G65 test results.

    Unlike bulk weld overlay wear plates, ColWear Plates do not suffer from surface cracking, coarse surface finish or base plate metal dilution.

    Closely Controlled Process

    ColWear Plates are produced by the closely controlled process of vacuum fusing the matrix coating to the baseplate, resulting in a homogeneous coating and consistent micro structure, offering matrix hardness in the range of 55 – 64 HRC (other hardness ranges available).

    ColWear Plates are vacuum powder fused and coated with Colmonoy® NiCrBSi or Wallex® CoCrNiW powder matrix, with or without Tungsten Carbide (WC).

    Superior Wear Performance

    ColWear plates offer superior wear resistance and lifetime well beyond the industry standard. They are a great choice for products with difficult maintenance cycles because they eliminate so much waste and failure.  Customers experience less downtime and far lower maintenance costs.  In tough environments, ColWear offers compelling long-term savings.



    • Superior hardness (55-64 HRC) and retains hardness down to the fusion line with minimum dilution of base material
    • Excellent abrasion performance
    • Inherent corrosion resistance
    • Good impact resistance, good erosion resistance
    • Lightweight and thin – easy to handle, easy to form and fabricate
    • Retained high temperature hot hardness in matrix (45 HRC) – working temperature range up to 650°C
    • Smooth surface and flat, crack free
    • Fully dense pore-free coating
    • Able to precision cut by water jet or laser
    • Weldable back plate
    • Repairable in service (Wall Colmonoy Fusewelder™ Torch)
    • Cost advantage over WC (tungsten carbide) application via HVOF or Conformaclad method

    Applications in Global Industries



    Typical Industries

    • Cement & Concrete
    • Steel
    • Biomass / Waste to Energy
    • Mining
    • Chemical / Mineral Processing
    • Coal-fired Power Stations
    • Oil & Gas
    • Agriculture & Sugar


    • Chutes, Bunkers, Slides, Feed Hoppers, Guides
    • Conveyor Side Liners, Skip Car and Bin Liners, Skip Curtains
    • Industrial Fans and Fan Casings, Fume, Dust Extraction Systems, Ducting, Baffle Plates
    • Material Handling & Conveyance
    • Material Screening & Separation Process
    • Slurry Pumping Pipelines, Orifice Plates, Aggregate handling Systems
    • Sizing Screens, Sinter Plant equipment
    • Helical Feed Screws
    • Vehicle Protection / Security

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