Superior Performing Surfacing Alloys

    Surfacing Alloys

    Colmonoy and Wallex Surfacing Alloys:

    Wear-resistant Hard-Surfacing Alloys to Maximize Performance and Extend Useful Life

    For over 80 years, Wall Colmonoy has been the global leader in the manufacture and application of surfacing products. Wall Colmonoy’s standard and custom range of Colmonoy® and Wallex™ surfacing alloys have outstanding metallurgical and physical properties making them ideally suited to solving engineering problems such as Wear, Corrosion, Erosion and Abrasion.

    Our specially formulated COLMONOY® and WALLEX™ surfacing alloys extend the useful life of engineered components for such global industries as Oil & Gas, Glass Container, Rubber & Plastics, Power Generation, and Steel.

    Parts protected last significantly longer:

    • Fewer Replacement Parts
    • Minimize Downtime
    • Reduce Operational Expense

    Our alloys are available as powder, rods and wire in a full range of sizes and specifications.  Powders can be Gas or Water atomized and produced to specific alloy formulations. Supplied in a range of proven surfacing and thermal spraying techniques including Laser Cladding, PTA, HVOF, Spray & Fuse and other spray and powder applied processes.

    Read about our advancements including technical articles, tips, and applications in our Surfacing News.

    Colmonoy ®

    Nickel-based Alloys

    The Colmonoy family of nickel powder and nickel rods offer superior wear protection, retaining their hardness up to 600ºC (1112ºF) with significant resistance to oxidation

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    Cobalt-based Alloys

    Cobalt alloys that have excellent wear and corrosion resistance and can withstand elevated temperatures.

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    Customer-specific alloys

    Partnering with customers to meet their specific requirements

    Many customers have applications which require specific alloys in order to achieve required coating properties.
    Wall Colmonoy’s expert technical team work with customers to meet specific requirements. Powders can be Gas or Water atomized and produced to specific alloy formulations.


    To suit different application methods, our Surfacing Alloys are available as Powder, Rod, Wire, and Castings.


    Crushed – premium alloy form with high surface area and dense coatings for superior wear-resistance.

    Atomized – nickel and cobalt alloys containing combinations of tungsten, chromium, chromium carbide or tungsten carbide for specific applications.

    Composite – alloy particles of tungsten carbide in nickel or cobalt matrix; designed to resist sliding abrasion and abrasive wear.

    SoloCoat ™ 

    One-Step Self-Bonding Thermal Spray Powders

    Metallizing powders designed for application at low temperatures <260°C (<500°F).

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    Application methods

    Our alloys are supplied in a range of proven surfacing and thermal spraying techniques including:

    Worldwide Manufacturing Facilities and High Quality Standards

    Modern laboratory and testing facilities

    Our manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe are equipped with modern laboratory and testing facilities. Our products are manufactured to quality standards set by international and national industrial associations. We maintain the quality assurance of ISO 9001.

    Wall Colmonoy also custom formulates powder particle distribution size and chemical analysis of these products to suit specific requirements.

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