Waste-to-Energy & Biomass
    Surfacing Alloys

    Protecting the Boiler In Waste-to-Energy & Biomass Plants

    Wall Colmonoy is a specialist and global manufacturer of alloy powders for thermal spraying and high temperature applications in the Waste-to-Energy, Biomass, and Power Plant industries.

    Waste-to-Energy Plants burn municipal solid waste (domestic waste/refuse like food, plastic, paper, etc.) to generate energy in the form of electricity and/or heat.


    The lifespan of boiler walls, super heaters, economisers and other boiler components can be greatly reduced due to this erosive and corrosive environment. Failure of such parts leads to outages and significant loss of revenue to Waste-to-Energy and Biomass companies.

    Wall Colmonoy offers a range of Colmonoy® nickel-based alloys and application techniques to suit the specific boiler/incinerator environment and significantly extend the life of components such as super heater tubes, plates, boiler tubes, grate bars and soot blowers.

    Our alloys are tough enough to withstand the extreme corrosion and pitting that occurs inside such a high temperature environment.  Recommended alloys for Waste-to-Energy applications include:

    Colmonoy® Alloys can increase service life of Boiler Components by 2-4 times. Lowering maintenance costs of boiler tubes, panels, pendants, soot blower lances, superheaters and more.

    Colmonoy® Alloys:

    • Withstand the extreme corrosion and pitting that occurs inside such a high temperature environment
    • Are proven to be superior in Waste-to-Energy boilers – sodium chloride attack, erosive coal ash particles, and/or temperatures up to 649°C/ 1200°F and Waste-to-Energy superheaters
    • Protect against corrosion and erosion at high temperatures
    • Extend useful life of components
    • Reduce outage time
    • Thinner metallurgically bonded deposits than traditional weld overlays

    Colmonoy® nickel-based alloys are applied in a wide range of proven surfacing and thermal spraying techniques, including Laser Cladding, PTA, HVOF, and Spray & Fuse.  Alloys are available in powder, rod, or wire form.

    To extend the useful life, minimize downtime, and improve efficiency in your Waste-to-Energy or Biomass Plant.



    Boiler Tubes and Panels, Super Heater Tubes, Plates, Grate Bars, Soot Blower Lances, Nose Arch Panels (Coal Fired Boilers Only), Burner Parts.


    • Laser Cladding (Laser Welding)
    • Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) Welding
    • High Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF)
    • Thermal Spray & Furnace Fuse
    • Thermal Spray & Induction (or Torch) Fuse
    • Spray & Fuse
    • GMAW (MIG Welding)
    • GTAW (TIG Welding)


    • Powder
    • Rod
    • Wire