Steel Industry

    Optimising Against Wear, Corrosion, Abrasion and Heat in the Steel Industry

    Wall Colmonoy manufactures as cast or fully machined Precision Components for Steelworks, Steel Mills and Steel Plants across UK, Europe, Asia and the United States.

    Components are made from Colmonoy® (nickel-based), Wallex® (cobalt-based) and customer-specific cast alloys using the casting methods of Sand, Investment, and Centrifugal or Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP). Our engineers can advise optimum alloy selection and process to suit specific needs.

    Precision Components for Steel Industry
    Left-to-right: Sand Cast Roll End Bush, Sand Cast Guide Bush, Sand Cast Skid Bar.

    Advantages of Colmonoy® or Wallex® Precision Components

    • Increased lifetime of parts
    • Reduced downtime
    • Lower operational expense, maintenance and repair

    Wall Colmonoy realizes the importance of working in collaboration with our customers to further understand needs and help increase the lifespan of components for Steel manufacture – reducing downtime and costs.

    Wall Colmonoy’s castings are processed through applied technologies such as automation, collaborative robots, data analytics – embracing Industry 4.0. Quality castings are assured through advanced laser measurement techniques. For Rapid Prototyping, we implement 3-D printed investment patterns and tooling, reducing the necessity for tooling on small batches and product qualification.

    Engineering quality into our Products at the first stages through Simulation
    Engineering quality into our Products at the first stages through Simulation, to increase right first time, throughput and customer satisfaction.

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    Roll End Bush - Wallex 4 6 180 - Sand Cast Finished Machine
    Application Roll End Bush
    Product Wallex® 4, 6, 180
    Casting Method Sand Cast / Finish Machined
    Guide Bush - Wallex 6, 12 - Sand Cast
    Application Guide Bush
    Product Wallex® 6, 12
    Casting Method Sand Cast / Finish MachinedBearing Bush - Wallex 6 - Spun Cast
    Application Bearing Bush
    Product Wallex® 6
    Casting Method Centrifugal Cast / Finish Machined
    Scrolled Bush - Wallex 6 - Sand Cast
    Application Scrolled Bush
    Product Wallex® 6
    Casting Method Sand Cast / Finish Machined
    Bush Segments - Wallex 4, 6, 180 - Finish Machined
    Application Bush Segments
    Product Wallex® 4, 6, 180
    Casting Method Sand Cast / Finish Machined

    For technical consultation on your Steel application, contact us.

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