A Custom Systematic Approach

    Roller Coating

    A Custom Systematic Approach from Paste Selection to Equipment to Expert Technical Support

    Wall Colmonoy’s R&D Department works directly with customers to develop the right customized paste – a blend of Nicrobraz® brazing filler metal powder mixed with a proprietary S’ Binder™ gel binder – for their specific application.

    Roller Coating is a process of coating a surface with a brazing paste using a roller. It is an automated, cost-effective process best used for large tolerance non-flat surfaces and hard to control joint gaps. With minimal labor needed, parts go through the roller coating machine at the adjusted speed.

    Roller Coating Applications

    • Catalytic Converters
    • Fin & Tube EGR Coolers
    • Fin & Plate Heat Exchangers



    Increased Productivity and Capacity
    Fast and efficient, especially for mass production of repeated parts.

    Improved Cycle Time
    Depending on the application, the machine can coat parts at speeds from 30-90 ft/min (0.15-0.46 m/s).

    Coating Consistency
    Roll gaps can be tightly controlled within thousandths of an inch (µm) resulting in a consistent coating.

    Production Automation

    Roller coating machines are designed to be part of a larger production system. Integration with ovens, feeders, corrugators, etc

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    Catalytic Converters

    One common method of applying brazing paste to corrugated catalytic converter fins is to spray a brazing powder/binder mixture onto the corrugations. This can result in overspray waste and the flow channels being filled by brazing filler metal. Roller coating can apply brazing paste just to the peaks of the corrugations, preventing waste and damming.


    Fin & Tube EGR Coolers

    Similar to catalytic converters, EGR coolers require brazing corrugated sheets without damming. A solid braze joint is critical, since leaks may cause engine failure. Roller coating provides consistent coverage and joint gap for a leak-free braze joint and high performing EGR coolers. The speed of the roller coating technology also allows for rapid mass production.


    Fin & Plate Heat Exchangers

    Roller coating is an excellent process to consistently coat flat corrugated sheet with brazing paste. The speed of the process allows heat exchanger manufacturers to quickly fabricate corrugations coated with brazing paste. The roller coating machinery can also be paired with corrugation equipment to further improve automation. See Nicrobraz® 152 RCS Roller Coated on a Heat Exchanger here.

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    Customer-specific Solution

    Brazing Filler Metal

    Many customers have applications which require specific brazing alloys in order to achieve required joining properties. Wall Colmonoy’s expert technical team are able to customize alloys for your specific application.

    Brazing Paste Composition

    Depending on the geometry and requirements of the parts being brazed, a customized binder may improve performance of the roller coating process or the final braze joint. Wall Colmonoy’s research and development team at our New Product Development Engineering Center develop customized paste solutions, optimized for specific applications.

    Roller Coating Equipment

    Roller coating equipment is as diverse as your requirements. Anything is possible, such as: custom machine widths, custom processes, PLC controllers, integration with other equipment, and the list goes on. As the experts in brazing applications, Wall Colmonoy can guide you through your roller coater implementation, ensuring that you can quickly and consistently produce quality products.

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    Specifications & Approvals

    ISO 9001:2015 with AS9100 Rev D, ISO 17672
    AWS, AMS, ASM, UNS, JIS Z 3256, EN 1044
    General Electric, Rolls-Royce (MSRR), Pratt & Whitney (PWA)

    Download Certificates of Approval here