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    SoloCoat™ Metallizing Powders

    One-Step Self-Bonding Thermal Spray Alloy Powders

    SoloCoat™ alloys are one-step self-bonding metallizing powders. SoloCoat™ alloys can be sprayed onto parts directly, without the need of an initial bond coat. The new pre-alloyed SoloCoat™ materials offer more uniform properties, more consistent hardness and more predictable performance than the original formulation.

    Unlike most other one-step products, SoloCoat™ component powders are prealloyed. Prealloying produces a homogenous mix that does not separate during shipping or spraying; the result is a uniform coating. Since no glues or resins are used in the formulation, less smoke and oxides are produced during spraying. SoloCoat™ alloys are controlled to strict specification; are free flowing; and provide for uniform application and excellent results using many popular Thermal Spray processes and powder delivery systems, including the Spraywelder™ Model J-3 System.

    Our specially formulated SoloCoat™ metallizing powders are used for general repair across various industries.

    • Seal Surface Being Rebuilt with SoloCoat™ 840
      Seal Surface Being Rebuilt with SoloCoat™ 840
    • SoloCoat™ 840 Original Magnification 200x
      SoloCoat™ 840 Original Magnification 200x
    • SoloCoat™ 850 Original Magnification 100x
      SoloCoat™ 850 Original Magnification 100x
    • SoloCoat™ 870 Original Magnification 200x
      SoloCoat™ 870 Original Magnification 200x


    SoloCoat® Alloys (Download TDS)

    SoloCoat™ 840
    A general-purpose, stainless type coating with good wear and corrosion resistance at high temperatures. Excellent for metal-to-metal sliding friction and erosive applications, and build-ups on low-carbon, low alloy steels, and stainless steels. For pump parts and water turbine blades. Can be machined with carbide tools or ground to a smooth finish.

    SoloCoat™ 850
    An aluminum-bronze alloy, for restoring dimensions to lubricated shaft bearing areas. Can be machined smooth using carbide tools. Excellent for heavy buildup on miss machined or worn down copper alloy and low- carbon steel components. For pump seals, valve parts, and marine parts.

    SoloCoat™ 870
    A nickel-aluminum-molybdenum alloy for general purpose and bond coat use. It yields good wear resistance on hard bearing applications where particle erosion and fretting wear is encountered. Thick buildups without cracks are possible, due to very high interparticle bonding strength. Recommended for rebuilding machine bedways, wear rings, and press-fit parts. Can be carbide-tool machined or ground, and feather-edged.


    SoloCoat™ can be applied via Spraywelder™ [Flamespray] and Air Plasma [non-transferred arc plasma].


    Modern Laboratory and Testing Facilities

    Our manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe are equipped with modern laboratory and testing facilities. Our products are manufactured to quality standards set by international and national industrial associations. We maintain the quality assurance of ISO 9001.

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