Brazing Aids

    Brazing Aids

    Aid in the Brazing Process

    Wall Colmonoy is the world’s leader in the development and production of nickel-based brazing filler metals since 1950. Nicrobraz®, Niferobraz™ and CuBraz™ brazing filler metals and brazing aids join parts for high-temperature and corrosion applications.

    Following the invention of Nicrobraz®, Brazing Aids were created to aid in brazing and heat treating operations:

    Nicrobraz® Stop-Off™ 

    Designed to protect metal surfaces from the flow of molten brazing filler metal or to prevent metal surfaces from adhering to each other during furnace brazing, Wall Colmonoy’s Stop-Off products are available in two grades: fast drying Type I (lacquer based), and nonflammable Type II (water based).

    Nicrobraz® Flux

    A paste which dissolves oxides while promoting filler metal flow during torch and induction brazing. Nicrobraz® Flux can be used with a wide range of base metals and filler metals.

    Nicrobraz® Cements and ‘S’ Binders

    Cements – Liquid plastics used for mixing with brazing filler metal powders to ensure adhesion to the base metal during handling and brazing. Apply by spray gun, brush, eyedropper or syringe. All Nicrobraz® Cements are non-ozone depleting.

    ‘S’ Binders – A range of water-soluble binders with fast or slow drying properties and low to high viscosity and solvent based screen printing binders. 

    NicroBlast™ Grit

    A nickel, chromium, iron blasting grit that enhances base metal surfaces to improve brazing filler metal flow and wettability.

    Nicrogap™ Alloys

    Powdered high-melting materials assist brazing filler metals in filling large joint clearances in protective atmosphere furnace brazing.

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