Tight Spray Patterns and High Spray Rates.

    Spraywelder™ System

    In 1945, the first Wall Colmonoy Spraywelder™ unit was manufactured and the “Colmonoy® Sprayweld™ Process” was invented!

    The Model J-3 Spraywelder™ System is the culmination of more than 65 years of technical innovation following the invention of our first thermal spray gun – offering tight spray patterns and high spray rates to produce dense, low-porosity overlays.

    Colmonoy® nickel-based alloys, along with the Spraywelder™ System, are the industry’s leading thermal spray process to rebuild surfaces and provide wear protection. The Spraywelder™ System has successfully coated a wide range of parts in many industries leading to extended service life, reduced maintenance and downtime – all leading to significant cost savings. Designed to produce a consistent coating for circular parts, the Spraywelder™ is ideal for seal areas, shafts on motors, pump shafts and valve shafts, fans, and glass industry parts, such as plungers and plugs. Industries range from glass container manufacturing, chemical, petroleum, automotive and plastics and many others.

    In the Sprayweld™ Process, a powdered alloy is thermal sprayed onto a part and subsequently fused to the base metal by a heat source. This creates a smooth, nonporous, metallurgically bonded overlay, producing a fused coating within 0.25 mm (0.01”) of the required finished dimension.

    The Sprayweld™ Process advantages

    • Adjustable equipment settings to suit your application
    • High powder deposition efficiency minimizes powder loss
    • Close tolerance control
    • Reduced finishing time
    • Wide range of system alloys


    • J-3 Spraywelder™ System Brochure (USA | UK)
    • J-3 Spraywelder™ System Manual (Global)
    • J-3 Spraywelder™ Safety Precautions (Global)

    J-3 Spraywelder™ System Automation

    Due to the high demand from customers to automate their process, Wall Colmonoy team is dedicated to the custom integration of automation and equipment and offers an automated Spraywelder™ Solution. 

    Automated J-3 Spraywelder™ spraying pump plunger with Colmonoy® alloy.

    Automation features include:

    • Two automated options – mass flow controlled and electrical control valve system
    • Touchscreen controlled
    • Store existing parameters for Wall Colmonoy materials
    • Integrable into any system
    • Designed and built for safety
    • Affordable option – combining automation with the reliability and ease of use of the Spraywelder™ System

    Download our brochure on Spraywelder™ System Automation.