Glass Container

    Improving Heat Transfer & Mould-Ware Performance in the Glass Container Industry

    Wall Colmonoy’s manufactures as cast or fully machined glass mould Precision Components. Components are made from our superior Colmonoy® or Wallex® Alloys, or customer-specific alloys using Investment, Centrifugal, Sand Cast, or Vacuum Cast Processes. Wall Colmonoy’s Glass Container components are designed to optimise wear, corrosion, abrasion and heat resistant properties.

    Our technical team has amassed a wealth of skill, knowledge and know-how turning designers’ and engineers’ rigorous requirements into economically viable solutions. Our expert engineers select the optimum alloy and process to suit specific needs.

    Glass Components

    • Baffle, Baffle Insert, Baffle Valve, Guide Plates, Guide Rings, Neck Ring Insert, Plug, Thimble

    Advantages of Colmonoy® or Wallex® Precision Components

    • Improve heat transfer and mould-ware performance
    • Can be cost effective compared to hardfacing
    • Reduce machining times (typically 1mm/0.040 ins max.)
    • Cost effective in long production runs

    Colmonoy® Alloys include:

    • Colmonoy® 19
    • Colmonoy® 26B
    • Colmonoy® 30D
    • Colmonoy® 40D
    • Colmonoy® 40G
    • Colmonoy® 44K

    Colmonoy® Applications for Glass Container Industry include:
    Glass Container Neck Ring InsertsGlass Container PlugGlass Container Guide PlateGlass Container ThimbleGlass Container Baffle InsertGlass Container BaffleGlass Container Baffle Valve

    Wallex® applications for the Glass Container Industry include:

    • Guide Rolls
    • Slitting Knives
    • Bushings
    • Saw Teeth

    Wall Colmonoy has an ongoing commitment to high quality manufacture and with its on-site laboratory and test facilities offers certification to national and internationally recognised standards. Each engineered component goes through a reassuringly stringent inspection process before final delivery. We maintain the quality assurance of ISO 9001.

    A proud member of Cast Metals Foundation.

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