Developing Weld Repair Solutions

    Providing OEMs with New Weld Repair Solutions For High Added Value Parts

    Aerobraze is an aviation standard repair facility. Aerobraze provides OEMs with new weld repair solutions for high added value parts. Aerobraze will prepare First Article Inspection Repair welding procedure specification and weld data cards.

    Aerobraze has highly skilled and trained personnel, experienced in welding all alloy systems including super nickel alloys, single crystal, titanium, stainless steels, cobalt, aluminium and magnesium. Recurrent internal training covers gas turbine MRO. Alloy system welding metallurgy, standard practices and product integrity awareness.

    Aerobraze is Nadcap and Rolls-Royce approved. The latest TIG welding equipment is used including the gas tungsten constricted arc welding process which is used to salvage weld repair super nickel and single crystal alloys for the civil, military and marine gas turbine industries.


    • GTAW (TIG) welding
    • Inter Pulse Heat Management System
    • Resistance Spot and Seam Welding

    Welding Approvals

    • Rolls-Royce RPS184
    • Rolls-Royce Mil145
    • Rolls-Royce RPS253 (Application of Hard-facing Alloy)
    • Rolls-Royce SPEY (SP0013M)
    • ITAR
    • Nadcap

    Engine Types

    • Trent 500-900
    • Spey (Marine)
    • Tyne (Aero/Marine)
    • EJ200 Euro Fighter
    • WR21 Engine (Type 45 Destroyer)


    • Turbine Blades
    • Lever Control Shaft
    • Engine Bearing
    • Engine Nozzle
    • Cobustion Ring
    • Divergent Petal