Surfacing Alloys

    Extending Life of Steel Making Equipment from Corrosion & Wear

    From raw material processing to hot and cold rolling, Wall Colmonoy’s hard-surfacing products and engineered components are used extensively throughout the Steel Industry to extend the useful life of the industry’s equipment and machinery from harmful corrosion and wear.

    Our specially formulated alloys, Colmonoy® (nickel-based) and Wallex™ (cobalt-based) have outstanding metallurgical and physical properties making them ideally suited to solving wear problems in the Steel Industry. There are various types of wear prevalent in the Steel Industry. Our alloys are industry standards for wear-resistant performance. We have developed new alloys and enhanced others to meet your wear surfacing demands.

    Typical Nickel and Cobalt Surfacing Alloys used in Steel:

    • Colmonoy® 42, 52, 62, 69, 78, 88, 625
    • Colmonoy® & WC blends (7331-60, 7332-60)
    • Wallex® 6, 21, 42

    The alloys are applied in a wide range of proven surfacing and thermal spraying techniques, including Laser Cladding, PTA, HVOF, and Spray & Fuse. Alloys are available in powder, rod, or wire form.

    Wall Colmonoy’s precisely engineered, or fully machined components are used throughout the Steel Industry. They are made from wear, heat, and corrosion resistant Colmonoy®, Wallex™, or Customer-specific alloys designed to optimize wear, corrosion, and heat resistant properties. Components may be supplied as cast or fully machined condition from air or vacuum melted castings made by investment, sand, or spinning techniques.

    Machining facilities include EDM, CNC wire cutting, CNC grinding, CNC honing, CNC milling, lapping and CNC turning.


    ColWear Plates outlast conventional wear plates to provide increased asset lifetime, reduced energy costs and reduced cost of ownership.






    Coating Solid or Hollow Table or Concast Rolls

    • Table or concast rolls can be coated with Colmonoy® 63, 62SA or 6001 using spray and fuse methods. Typical life is twice that of uncoated rolls.

    Photos courtesy of Gustav Wiegard (Roll Dimensions 2m x 0.4m dia)


    Transfer Rolls

    • Transfer rolls can be laser-clad with Colmonoy® 7331-60, which has improved thermo-mechanical fatigue properties, meaning it is better at coping with cyclical heating up and cooling down, which can cause fatigue and failure in other metals. The perfect balance of hardness and ductility, this alloy will soak up stress and reduce the potential for cracking. Packed with the maximum fraction of tungsten carbide, it gives tough support to hard metallics.


    Roll Reclamation

    • These are run-out rolls in a strip mill and show excessive wear at the ends, caused by the edges of the strip not being flat. The areas that have extra wear can be brought back to dimension using MIG weld mild steel. The rolls are then hard faced with Colmonoy® 63U-M (spray and fuse method). This alloy provides a crack and pore free deposit easily and quickly using standard oxy-fuel gas deposition equipment and fuses with ease and good luminosity. The deposit is also smooth enough to be used without final machining.


    Burr Masher Roll

    • Colmonoy® 88 applied via spray and fuse to this burr masher roll..  This part flattens the burr on the steel strip when sheared.


    Work, Pressure, Transfer, Table Rolls

    • These rolls can be spray and fused in Colmonoy® 62, 88, 33, 25, 69, 625, Wallex® 6.


    Diablo Rolls

    • Diablo rolls often wear very quickly but coated with Colmonoy® 88 they last many times longer.


    Side Trimmer Blade

    • This blade cuts the excess steel from a flat strip product. It is rotated against a similar part to produce a scissor motion, ensuring that the strip has a straight edge. Wallex® 6 can be applied via Laser Cladding to extend the lift of trimmer blades. Wallex® 6 is extremely tough, heat and corrosion resistant making it an ideal alloy for challenging applications.


    Rod Forming Applications

    • These parts help to straighten rebar or rod. Metal to metal friction means that the rollers will wear very quickly without a suitable coating. Comonoy® 7331-60 or Colmonoy® 88 are both extremely effective in extending life and generate significant cost savings.


    “C-Section” Roller

    • This forming roll is used to create a C-Section profile for a steel product. Cobalt-based Wallex® 6 was chosen for its incredible wear resistant properties, being very tough, corrosion resistant, heat resistant and stress resistant.


    Coal Crusher

    • A rolling press that crushes coal is coated in Colmonoy® 7331-60 (60% WC). The roller suffers incredible abrasion from the coal-crushing process and is not easy to change or remove for repair. The Colmonoy® coating greatly extends life, saves on costs and reduces downtime.



    • Powder
    • Rod
    • Wire