High Quality Vacuum Brazing

    Controlled Atmosphere Brazing and Heat Treating

    Aerobraze Engineered Technologies’ high-temperature vacuum brazing furnaces (various atmospheres) are designed to produce high quality brazed joints for aerospace, oil & gas, transportation and energy industries.

    Our expert engineers offer a complete solution from design and prototype to manufacture. We can meet your brazing requirements through the use of precious metals (gold and silver base) along with nickel and copper base alloys.

    Aerobraze Engineered Technologies offers support services, such as surface preparation, assembly preparation, application of alloy, design/construction, process control and full machining capabilities. We also provide various welding techniques using fixturing for assembly & fabrication. Welding techniques include TIG and Discharge welding.

    We have three locations that vacuum furnace braze:

    Aerobraze Cincinnati vacuum furnaces range from 60″ x 60″ down to our smallest 36″ x 22″ vacuum furnace. For specifics on Aerobraze Cincinnati vacuum furnaces and brazing capabilities, visit US Brazing Engineering Center.

    Aerobraze UK has one of the largest commercially available vacuum furnaces in Europe, measuring 1.98m x 0.94m, down to our smallest 0.46m x 0.46m vacuum furnace. For specifics on Aerobraze UK vacuum furnaces and brazing capabilities, visit UK Brazing Engineering Centre.

    Aerobraze Oklahoma City can braze both stainless steel and aluminum.

    The furnaces are approved for aerospace use and used for a wide range of work including vacuum stress relieving, vacuum annealing, solution treatments, aging processes and high-temperature vacuum brazing. Aerobraze Engineered Technologies has furnaces available to meet your brazing and heat treating requirements, including:

    • Design of new parts for brazing
    • Development of brazing procedures & processes
    • Redesign of parts for optimum braze efficiency
    • Furnace brazing services in vacuum or hydrogen, argon and nitrogen atmospheres

    We develop

    • The brazing alloy
    • The cycle
    • The joint

    Brazing Processes

    • Hydrogen and Argon Furnace Brazing
    • Hydrogen Atmosphere Brazing
    • Vacuum Furnace Brazing

    Brazing Components

    • Heat Exchangers
    • Power Industry Regenerators
    • Heat Transfer Assemblies for Aerospace and Energy
    • Honeycomb Segments

    Brazing Surface Preparation Services

    • Hydrogen Scrubbing
    • Chemical/Acid/Alkaline/Ultrasonic Cleaning
    • Various Grit, Glass Bead & Nickel Blasting
    • Nickel Plating

    Quality Assurance Certifications