Liquid Plastics and Water-Soluble Binders for Brazing Filler Metal Application

    Nicrobraz® Cements

    Nicrobraz® Cements are liquid plastics used for mixing with brazing filler metal powders to ensure adhesion to the base metal during handling and brazing. Apply by spray gun, brush, eyedropper or syringe. All Nicrobraz® Cements are non-ozone depleting.

    Cements Container Sizes Manufactured In
    Nicrobraz® 304 and 405 (solvent base) 1 L UK
    Nicrobraz® 310 and 510 (solvent base)
    1 kg and 3 kg USA
    1 L UK
    Nicrobraz® 320, 520, and 620 (solvent base)
    1 kg and 3 kg USA
    1 L UK
    Nicrobraz® 650 (water base)
    1 kg USA
    1 L and 10 L UK
    Nicrobraz® 680 (water base) 3 kg USA
    Nicrobraz® 1020 (solvent base)
    1 kg USA

    Nicrobraz ‘S’ Binders

    Nicrobraz® ‘S’ Binders™ are range of water-soluble binders with fast or slow drying properties and low to high viscosity and solvent based screen printing binders.

    Nicrobraz® ‘S’ Binders™ are available as bulk liquid in 1 liter and 4 liter cans.

    Technical Data Sheet

    Shelf Life (Download Bulletin)

    Nicrobraz Cements
    The shelf life of Nicrobraz® Cements is a minimum range of 3 months or longer. This material can be used as long as after opening, the contents can be mixed and forms a suspension suitable for application. The only problem that can occur during storage is the evaporation of solvent. Evaporation would affect the viscosity of the material causing it to thicken. In this case we recommend the use of the appropriate Nicrobraz® Cement Thinner to achieve the desired  viscosity.

    Nicrobraz® ‘S’ Binder™ 
    We do not reference a shelf life for this product, as we have determined that the material does not break down or deteriorate, under normal storage conditions. Basically, as long as the material retains a workable viscosity, the material is usable. If the ‘S’ Binder™ becomes hard at room temperature, or becomes water thin, it will not function as required to support the brazing filler metal and should be discarded.

    Nicrobraz® Cements & ‘S’ Binder™
    To prolong storage life, these products should be kept in a tightly sealed container, in a cool area. Do not allow the product to freeze, as this may affect viscosity.