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The experts in high-temperature brazing

    Nicrobraz, Niferobraz, CuBraz:

    Joining Parts for High-Temperature and Corrosion Applications for Aerospace, Automotive, Energy, Nuclear, and Defense industries.

    Wall Colmonoy is the leader in the development and production of nickel-based brazing alloys since 1950. Bob Peaslee, Wall Colmonoy’s materials engineer, invented a new brazing technology using nickel-based filler metals and hydrogen atmosphere furnaces. The new filler metal was named Nicrobraz®. Additional accessory and equipment innovations followed the invention of Nicrobraz – including Stop-Off™, Nicrogap™ alloys and NicroSpray™ System.

    Forerunner in the development of Nicrobraz® Ni-Cr-Si-P filler metals

    Wall Colmonoy continues to develop new brazing filler metals to meet the current market demands.
    Wall Colmonoy is the forerunner in the development of Nicrobraz® Ni-Cr-Si-P filler metals. Nicrobraz® 31, 33 and 152 are used throughout aerospace and automotive industries in Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Coolers and Heat Exchangers. Major manufacturers of EGR Coolers have selected Nicrobraz® 31, 33 and 152 as the filler metals of choice.  Read about our latest advancements in our brazing news.

    Nicrobraz® 31, 33 and 152

    • Developed for use in the fabrication of modern heat exchanger systems
    • Contains optimal proportions of phosphorus and silicon
    • Enhanced corrosion resistance
    • Increased joint strength
    • Improved substrate structural integrity

    We offer brazing courses at our renowned Modern Furnace Brazing School under the leadership of our expert brazing engineers.




    The original nickel-based brazing filler metal, invented by Wall Colmonoy, is the most widely applied range of high-temperature nickel-based brazing alloys. Available as powder, paste and tapes and rods.

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    The latest in the family of Wall Colmonoy brazing filler metals, Niferobraz is a new range of iron-based brazing filler metals. These alloys confer excellent resistance to corrosion and temperature.

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    CuBraz™ is a copper-based brazing filler for furnace brazing low-carbon and high-alloy steels. It is available in powder or suspended in a gel binder packaged in disposable cartridges.

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    Customer-specific brazing filler metals

    Partnering with our customers to meet their specific requirements

    Many customers have applications which require specific brazing alloys in order to achieve required joining properties. Wall Colmonoy’s expert technical team and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are able to customize alloys for your specific application.

    Forms Available

    • Powder
    • Rods
    • Pastes for Dispensing
    • Screen Printing
    • Roller Coating
    • Transfer Tape & Sheet

    Brazing Aids

    • Stop-Off™
    • Nicrobraz® Flux
    • S’ Binders™
    • Nicrobraz® Cements
    • NicroBlast Grit
    • Nicrogap

    Equipment – Nicrospray® System

    Specifications & Approvals

    ISO 9001:2015 with AS9100 Rev D, ISO 17672
    AWS, AMS, ASM, UNS, JIS Z 3256, EN 1044
    General Electric, Rolls-Royce (MSRR), Pratt & Whitney (PWA)

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