The Pioneers and Today’s Leading Experts in High-Temperature Brazing

    Nickel, Iron and Copper Brazing Products for Joining of Metal Parts For High-temperature and Corrosion Applications

    Wall Colmonoy is the world’s leader in the development and production of nickel-based brazing filler metals since 1950.

    Nicrobraz® (nickel), Niferobraz™ (iron), and CuBraz™ (copper) brazing filler metals join parts for high-temperature and corrosion applications across automotive, aerospace, energy, rail and defense.

    Nicrobraz®, Niferobraz™ and CuBraz™ brazing products are used in a variety of industries meeting AWS, AMS, G.E., Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls-Royce specifications.

    Available as powder, paste, transfer tape, rods and sheets in a full range of sizes and specifications. Wall Colmonoy also custom formulates brazing filler metals to meet customer specific requirements.

    Our manufacturing facilities in North America and Europe are equipped with modern laboratory and testing facilities. Our products are manufactured to quality standards set by international and national industrial associations. We maintain the quality assurance of ISO 9001.

    We have been Making Metals Work Harder Since 1938.

    Brazing Alloys

    Nicrobraz® Nickel-Based Brazing Alloys

    Niferobraz® Iron-Based Brazing Alloys

    CuBraz™ Copper-Based Brazing Alloys



    Brazing Powders

    Brazing Pastes

    Brazing Rods

    Brazing Tape & Sheet

    Brazing Aids

    Nicrobraz® Stop-Off™

    Nicrobraz® Flux

    Nicrobraz® Cements and ‘S’ Binder

    NicroBlast™ Grit



    NicroSpray™ Brazing Filler Metal Applicator System


    The Pioneers and Continued Innovators

    Wall Colmonoy is the pioneer and leader in the development and production of nickel-based brazing alloys. In the 1950s, Wall Colmonoy’s materials engineer, Bob Peaslee, invented a new brazing technology using nickel-based filler metals and hydrogen atmosphere furnaces. The new filler metal was named Nicrobraz®. Additional accessory, equipment and product innovations followed the invention of Nicrobraz® – including Stop-Off™, Nicrogap™ alloys and NicroSpray™ System. Wall Colmonoy continues to develop new brazing products to meet current market demands. 


    Brazing School

    For over 70 years, Wall Colmonoy engineers have gained practical experience on actual problems in brazing plants around the world. Knowledge and practical application is taught by our industry-leading brazing experts at our semiannual US Brazing School. More details here.


    Brazing Engineering Centers

    Need help with brazing? Our brazing engineering centers offer braze assembly from development projects through to volume manufacturing.

    UK Brazing Centre

    US Brazing Engineering Center


    Brazing Footprints Book: Case Studies in High-Temperature Brazing

    by R.L. Peaslee, the father of nickel-based brazing

    Packed with shop-floor questions and crisp well-crafted answers, this concisely indexed compilation of 10 years of “Brazing Q&A” columns from the AWS Welding Journal is a must have for both the young engineer and seasoned technical professional alike.

    Price: $130

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