Surfacing Alloys

    ColTung™ 1 Nickel-based Hardfacing Rod

    A Nickel-Based Hard-Surfacing Rod with Tungsten Carbides for High Abrasion, Oxidation, Corrosion and Impact Resistance

    ColTung™ 1 is a hard-surfacing sintered rod having tungsten carbide particles dispersed in a matrix of a nickel-based alloy.

    ColTung™ 1 has excellent resistance to severe sliding abrasion. It maintains its hardness at high temperatures. Impact resistance is good. Oxidation and corrosion resistance is very good.

    The rod deposits of ColTung™ 1 and the sprayed deposits of Colmonoy® 705 Fusewelder™ Powder are very similar. ColTung™ 1 is recommended for overlaying flat or irregular-shaped surfaces requiring a thicker alloy deposit than conveniently applied with a Fusewelder™ Torch. Cylindrical surfaces are usually better done (and more economically finished) using another similar material, Colmonoy® 75 Spraywelder™ powder and the Spraywelder™ System.

    Industries and Applications

    Our specially formulated ColTung™ 1 nickel-based hardfacing rods are used in a variety of industries. Applications include screw conveyors, thermowells, extruder screws, augers, buffing fixtures, and other parts subject to severe sliding abrasion, corrosion, and high heat.

    Applied By

    ColTung™ 1 can be applied via Fusewelder™ Torch [Powder Welding], OAW, or TIG welding (GTAW).

    Supplied As (Sizing)

    ColTung™ 1 is supplied as a bare welding rod (orange tip color), in 18” (457.20 mm) length, in diameters of:

    • 1/8 in (3.18 mm)
    • 5/32 in (3.97 mm)
    • 3/16 in (4.76 mm)
    • 1/4 in (6.35 mm)
    • 5/16 in (7.94 mm)

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    Watch Warren Lewis, UK Technical Manager, demonstrate ColTung™ 1. He explains its role in a variety of repair and maintenance applications, particularly in Oil & Gas spray shops.

    “All you need is a big gas torch, you don’t need powder, you don’t need any special equipment. So if you’re out in the field and need to do repairs, it’s absolutely ideal.”