Oil & Gas Industry
    Surfacing Alloys

    Extending Life of Oil & Gas Equipment from Corrosion & Wear

    From exploration and drilling to pumping and refining, Wall Colmonoy’s hard-surfacing products and engineered components are used extensively throughout the Oil & Gas Industry to extend the useful life of the industry’s equipment and machinery from harmful corrosion and wear.

    Colmonoy® 62 being fused on a downhole plunger

    Our specially formulated alloys, Colmonoy® (nickel-based) and Wallex™ (cobalt-based) have outstanding metallurgical and physical properties making them ideally suited to solving wear problems in the Oil & Gas Industry.  There are various types of wear prevalent in the Oil & Gas Industry. Our alloys are industry standards for wear-resistant performance. We have developed new alloys and enhanced others to meet your wear surfacing demands.

    Colmonoy® 7331-60F and 7333-60F were specially developed to extend the useful life of downhole tools through enhanced wear protection on downhole tools such as welded steel-body drill bits, stabilisers (magnetic and non-magnetic) and steering pads. This is due to the addition of tungsten carbide. Using pre-blended matrix plus tungsten carbide powder can significantly improve wear resistance in the hardfacing of steel and non-magnetic stabilisers, welded steel body drill bits and steering pads used in the Oil & Gas exploration sector.

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    The alloys are applied in a wide range of proven surfacing and thermal spraying techniques, including Laser Cladding, PTA, HVOF, and Spray & Fuse. Alloys are available in powder, rod, or wire form.

    Wall Colmonoy’s precisely engineered or fully machined components are used throughout the Oil & Gas Industry. They are made from wear, heat, and corrosion resistant Colmonoy®, Wallex™, or Customer-specific alloys designed to optimize wear, corrosion and heat resistant properties. Components may be supplied as cast or fully machined condition from air or vacuum melted castings made by investment, sand, or spinning techniques.

    Machining facilities include EDM, CNC wire cutting, CNC grinding, CNC honing, CNC milling, lapping and CNC turning.

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    Compressor Rods, Sleeves and Reamers, Plungers, Pump Shafts, Rods, Sucker Rod, Couplings, Thermowell, Valves, Stabilisers, Steering Pads, Drill Bits, Guides



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