All-Purpose Flux For Brazing With Nickel, Gold, Silver, or Copper Filler Metals, Using Torch, Induction, or Furnace

    This high-quality flux dissolves oxides and promotes the flow of Brazing Filler Metals in any type of stainless steel or high-temperature metal. The melting point of Nicrobraz® Flux is below 1300°F (700°C), and it decomposes slowly and will not run off through its range of effectiveness, 1600 – 2200°F (870° -1200°C).

    Nicrobraz® Flux is used in torch-brazing, induction-heating applications, and in atmosphere brazing furnaces, using a wide range of filler metals.

    Tech Data Sheet (USA | UK)

    Supplied As

    Nicrobraz® Flux is a creamy paste that retains its smooth consistency even when thinned in water. It will not separate or crystallize. It is supplied in 0.5 kg jars.

    It is also a constituent of Nicrobraz® Flux-Powder Paste (TDS USA | UK), a premixed combination of Nicrobraz® nickel-based brazing filler metal and Nicrobraz® Flux.

    Shelf Life

    Nicrobraz® Flux has a minimum shelf life of 2 years. Thickening due to evaporation may always be corrected by adding water.


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