Waste to Energy

    Increase Asset Lifetime in Waste to Energy Plants with ColWear

    Within the Waste to Energy Industry, ColWear Wear Plates extend the lifetime of plant areas that are subject to premature failure due to abrasion, corrosion, erosion, hot gas and impact as a result of the properties of the waste material being processed.

    ColWear Plates are coated with wear and corrosion resistant Colmonoy® NiCrBSi or Wallex® CoCrNiW powder. ColWear provides a proven solution to combat wear conditions in the Waste to Energy Sector.

    • ColWear 62-1 Baghouse Hopper Liners
    • ColWear 62-1 Liners Ash Pusher / Conveyor's
    • ColWear 62-1 Liner Undergraduate Hoppers
    • ColWear 62-1 Impact Plates
    • ColWear 62-1 Liners for High Temperature Hoppers
    • ColWear 62-1 Liners Doglegs
    • ColWear 2-1 Liner Undergraduate Hoppers
    • ColWear 62-1 Impact Liners
    • ColWear 62-1 Liners for Undergraduate Hoppers
    • ColWear 62-1 Liner for Flow Control / Vibratory Table Wear Package
    • ColWear 62 Formed Chute Liners
    • ColWear 62-1 Hopper Liners

    ColWear Plates will improve applications subject to:

    • Erosion
    • Aqueous & Hot Gas Corrosion
    • Abrasion
    • Hot metal attack
    • Thermomechanical fatigue

    ColWear Coated Furnace Inlet.

    Applications include:

    High Temperature 
    • Undergrate Hoppers
    • Sootblower Lances
    • Waterwall Tubes
    • Economiser Tubes / Panels
    • Boiler Tubes/ Panels
    • Superheater Tubes / Panels
    • Flu Gas Desulphirisation Systems
    • Steam Turbine Blades
    • Ducting Systems
    • Combustion Grate Bars
    • Combustion Grate Liners
    • Nose Arch Panels
    • Industrial Fan Liners
    • Impeller Liners
    • Ash Pushers
    • Feed Pushers
    • Shark Fins
    • Coving
    • Wind Boxes
    • Trouser Legs
    • Rotary Valve – Impeller / Casing
    • Door Panels
    Material Handling
    • Vibratory Table Liners
    • Ash Discharge Plates
    • Transfer Plates
    • Feed / Transfer Hopper Liners
    • Chute Liners
    • Grapples/ Grab Petals / Buckets
    • Baghouse Hopper Liners
    • Shredders
    • Feed Screws

    Our ColWear Team, located in Pontardawe, Wales, brings together decades of experience in finding solutions to challenging wear issues.

    Read about our latest Waste to Energy ColWear case study below:

    ColWear 62-1 Outlasts Chrome Carbide Plate by 8 Times at a Waste to Energy Plant

    September 2023

    ColWear 62-1 impact liner outlasts chrome carbide plate by 8 times at waste to energy plant due to superior hardness and impact resistance

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