Brazing Tape & Sheet

    Nicrobraz® Nickel Brazing Tape & Sheet

    Brazing Tape

    Nicrobraz® Transfer Tapes provide an easy method for applying Nicrobraz® brazing filler metals prior to furnace brazing. They are made of high quality alloy powders, processed with a special binder in the form of thin sheets, of precise thickness. In this way, users can closely control the amount of alloy being applied to a given area. One side of the Transfer Tape has pressure sensitive adhesive on it. The other side is lightly fixed to a polyethylene film, which is peeled off after application.

    Transfer Tape provides Brazing Filler Metals in an economical form which can be applied quickly and easily. In this form, the quantity applied is closely controlled, very uniform, and not subject to variations due to operator technique. Materials can be accurately placed, and can be applied to areas inaccessible by other methods. No special tools or training are required for application. As application is all dry, work areas remain clean and free of odor and there is no running or dripping of material. Transfer Tape can be applied automatically for high production parts.

    Tech Data Sheet 

    Brazing Tape is made to order within the following specifications:

    Thickness Width Length Manufactured In
    0.127 – 0.762 mm
    (.005 – 0.030 in)
    6.35 – 254 mm
    (0.25 – 10 in)
    7.62 – 15.24 m
    (25 – 50 ft)


    Brazing Sheet

    Similar to Brazing Tape, Nicrobraz® Brazing Sheet is a plastic bonded flexible sheet for high-temperature service applications – but has no adhesive, paper, or plastic to remove or get in the way.

    Laboratory and production tests have indicated that this material has wetting and flow properties equal to that of normal Brazing Filler Metal applications. Increasing the holding time at brazing temperature will increase joint ductility and strength. The filler metal sheet can be cemented to the base metal by using Nicrobraz® Cement.

    The sheet can be pressed into honeycomb core by ironing in with a roller or flat sheet and the honeycomb can then be spot welded directly to the backup strip without any  filler metal under the core

    Tech Data Sheet

    Brazing Sheet is made to order within the following specifications:

    Thickness Width Length Manufactured In
    0.127 – 0.762 mm
    (.005 – 0.030 in)
    12.7 – 254 mm
    (0.5- 10 in)
    7.62 m
    (25 ft)


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    Nicrobraz® Tape & Sheet have a minimum shelf life of two (2) years when properly stored. Minimum shelf life means that the product will last at least that amount of time.




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