A nickel-based alloy is an alloy whose main constituent is nickel.

Nickel and nickel-based alloys are vitally important to industry because of their ability to withstand a variety of severe operating conditions involving corrosive environment, high temperatures, high stresses, and combinations thereof.

Nickel and nickel-based alloys have many applications, most of which are for resistance to corrosion and/or heat. Examples include aircraft gas turbines, steam turbine powerplants, turbochargers and valves in reciprocating engines, prosthetic devices, heat treating equipment, pollution control equipment, coal gasification and liquefaction systems, and components in pulp and paper mills.

Wall Colmonoy and Nickel-based Alloys

Wall Colmonoy is a global leader in the manufacture and application of hard-surfacing nickel-based alloys. Wall Colmonoy coatings have been extending the service life of industrial parts for over 75 years.

Used across global industries

Wall Colmonoy’s standard and custom range of Colmonoy® nickel-based surfacing alloys are applied by surfacing or thermal spray processes. Colmonoy® alloys maximize performance and extend the useful life of engineered components for such global industries as Glass Container, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Energy and Transportation.

Ideally suited to protect against wear

Our specially formulated Colmonoy® nickel-based alloys have outstanding metallurgical and physical properties making them ideally suited to solving wear mechanisms such as abrasion, erosion, corrosion and high-temperatures encountered in service.